Online Safety Act Network

The OSA Network is committed to keeping advocates, researchers and campaigners informed and connected during the Online Safety Act’s implementation.

Who We Are

The OSA Network builds on the expert advisory and convening power established by Carnegie UK during the development and Parliamentary passage of the Online Safety Bill. The Network is led by Maeve Walsh and Professor Lorna Woods, University of Essex, and supported by Reset. Learn more about us.

What We Do

We inform, coordinate and support effective, ongoing civil society engagement and advocacy with policymakers, regulators and Parliamentarians during the Online Safety Act (OSA) implementation phase.

How We Work

We provide the following support to the Network:

  • Expert interpretation, analysis and thought leadership on forthcoming consultations, secondary legislation and research to aid the Network’s individual or joint responses.
  • Regular opportunities for those with an ongoing interest in the successful implementation of the OSA to connect and collaborate.
  • An easy-to-navigate repository of relevant information and reference material related to the OSA, its development and its current status.
  • A horizon-scanning function to help network members keep track of other legislative and regulatory milestones in the UK and abroad.
  • A regular newsletter, covering all the latest developments on online safety in the UK and elsewhere.

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